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How To Make The Most Of A Day In The Gold Coast Hinterland

Waterfalls, rainforest walks and more!

How To Make The Most Of A Day In The Gold Coast Hinterland

Are you ready to swap the beach for the rainforest? 

Well, just a short drive away, is one of the most magical parts of the Gold Coast.

The Hinterland - or better known as, a little slice of paradise. 

From leafy rainforest walks, to gushing waterfalls and hidden picnic spots to wholesome country-like lunches.

Whether you've got interstate guests you want to impress, or you're just looking to get out of town, here's how to make the most of a day in the stunning Gold Coast Hinterland. 

Hinze Dam


Hinze Dam from above @endlessssummer_1

Advancetown is a small part of the Coast tucked away in the leafy Hinterland, with an abundance of hidden gems waiting to be explored - including Hinze Dam.

To many, this may just be our local watering hole, but it is so, so much more.

The drive up to Hinze Dam is just as picturesque as its picnic areas and fishing spots. The perfect family day out, just 20 minutes from the M1, with a bike track, shady eating spots and plenty of green space. 

Bring your bike and ride around the lake, or finally put your new Lululemon active wear to the test - this is a spot you need to make a pit-spot to! 

Twin Falls

Springbrook National Park

Enter a tranquil space of lush green and flowing natural spring water, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Twin Falls is renowned for its nearby canyon lookout and walkways lined with thousand-year-old trees. 

There's many ways to get to this natural paradise: Start the Twin Falls circuit at the Tallanbana picnic area or at the Canyon lookout. The 4km journey should take you around 2 hours and will pass two different waterfalls - including this beauty!

Purling Brook Falls & Warringa Pool


Springbrook National Park

If you've got a whole day up your sleeve, Purling Brook Falls is well worth the adventure. The incredible waterfall and glistening swimming hole is at the centre of a fragnant and tropical rainforest that's simply breathtaking! 

You're not meant to swim under the falls... but if you follow the track around to the Warringa Pool - that's where you'll find fresh water pools, oh and, heavens gateway. 


The entire walk across an suspension bridge and lush forests, should take you around 2 to 3 hours.  If you choose to head to the Warringa Pool, then add another 2km (1 hour) onto the journey. Plus, factor in all the relaxing time. 

Natural Bridge Circuit

Springbrook National Park


This small 1 hour walk is much easier than the others, but still worth a look. Take the 1km stroll and become in awe at the beauty of the naturally formed bridge, while the birds sing to you like you're in a Disney film. If you’re looking for something extra special, head there after dark to take in the glow-worms. 

Advancetown Hotel

Ok, ok, has all this walking, swimming and being all adventure-like got you worn you out? Then it must be time for food. 

You know that feeling of wholesome, country hospitality? Well, you don't have to go too far to get it. 

Advancetown Hotel is a place where Gold Coasters have either never been to or keep going back to because they just can't get enough.

This home away from home welcomes all Sunday drivers, motorists and families for a day in the sun with live bands and awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner menus!

Serving up mouth-watering 'just like mumma used to make it' food like home style creamy lasagne, bangers and mash, char grilled rib eye filled and home-made monster beef pattie burgers. 

You deserve it, after all that walking!

It's the best kept secret on the Coast. Enjoy country hospitality at the Advancetown Hotel on the Nerang Murwillumbah Road