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This Gold Coast man wants to live stream your wedding to the world

The bells are ringing!

This Gold Coast man wants to live stream your wedding to the world
Ah, technology.
It can help singles find love, increase our social status, and allow us keep in touch with long lost relatives.

And now, for the first time, it can change the way we share our wedding day.
Is Aunt Carol stuck in New York? No worries. Is your best mate over in London and can't make it? Too easy. 

Gold Coast business, Video House, is offering to live stream any event from either the Gold Coast or Brisbane to anywhere in the world.
Just like Facebook live you say? Yes, but way better.  It's also filmed like a polished wedding video, but with no edits, just real life. Plus, you can control who sees it.
From weddings, social events, fashion shows and product launches, the possibilities are endless with this new tool.

"The service isn't just for family members, but also for the bride and groom. They can go and watch their "wedding video" straight away. It sometimes loses the impact when you have to wait so long"

- Alan Obserstein, Owner

The platform allows it to live online forever so you can not only watch it one, but over and over again. 
I had a bride watching it before she went down the aisle to get a sneak peak of what's going on outside. She was watching it from the hotel room!

- Alan Obserstein, Owner

 Available on your laptop, tablet, mobile phone and basically anything with a screen, the latest way to say 'I do' is blowing our mind.