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Once upon a NIGHTMARE! Interactive haunted house

This weekend at the Bijou Theatre

Once upon a NIGHTMARE! Interactive haunted house

Once upon a Nightmare! It’s the interactive, horror, scare-a-thon that’s been scaring Esperance humans for years and it’s BACK this Halloween weekend, Friday and Saturday, the 26 and 27 of October at the Bijou Theatre.

Over 40 actors and actresses will be lurking around the Bijou in a variety of home-made latex terrifying masks and twisted fairy tale costumes. Literally, every part of the property used to scare the patrons that dare enter (bar the toilets and the costume room), including over ten differently themed spaces to cover all terror bases!

The beauty of this interactive horror show is that you can choose your own journey, a little like the old Goosebumps books, with two different chilling adventures to choose from. Or you can be like the lovely lady last year that endured the scares six times so she could watch the horrified expressions of the new faces walking through.

There is three sessions, Friday and Saturday 7pm until 10pm for the big kids that want a REAL scare, and a more kid friendly, 4pm until 6pm on Saturday. Don’t worry if you get too traumatised, there is a safe word (Rumpilstiltskin) which when screamed or uttered or spoken will mean that the proceedings will be paused temporarily, giving you a chance to be escorted out of the venue.

Once upon a Nightmare was a raging success this year, and given the preparation and organisation of the event I’d expect a similar, if not BETTER, result this time round! And with only a $5 door charge it’s the cheapest fun you can have in town this weekend!

Listen to Sean catch up with Judy and Derek, the event coordinators, on the Breakfast Show ahead of the event this Friday and Saturday.