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NBN roll out coming to you soon! Everything you need to know!

Important information

NBN roll out coming to you soon! Everything you need to know!

Whether you realise it all not, the NBN has been installed either to your place or to a node close by. Most of Esperance and the surrounding area has access to NBN, and very shortly you will HAVE to connect onto the network. 

NBN reps have been travelling around rural WA holding drop-in info sessions for businesses and local residents alike, answering all of your NBN queries. The information sessions were in Esperance and Castletown on Tuesday the 13 February and moved west towards Jerrimungup and Ravensthorpe on Wednesday the 14 February. 

If you missed the info sessions, not to worry, here are some of the frequently asked questions adn their answers:

What is the NBN? The NBN (National Broadband Network) is simply described as the hardware that delivers the internet. Comparing the NBN to the internet is best done by imaging the road network around Australia. By replacing the internet hardware from copper wires to fibre, you improve the 'road network' and allow the cars (or internet) to travel along the network much faster.  

Am I connected to NBN? Majority of Esperance and the surrounding area have access to the NBN fibre cables, but there are some black spots. To find out if you are or are not go to the NBN website and type in your address, it's easy and fairly obvious...

What technology am I going to be serviced by? Again this depends on your address. Head to the website , type in your home address and more information will be provided.

Is connecting to the NBN an automatic process? NO, it is not. If you are serviced by fibre your existing phone and internet will be DISCONNECTED after 18 months from the time the NBN becomes available at your residence or business. If you want to keep your existing phone and internet service you will have to choose a provider and sign on within the 18 month period. 

What provider should I sign on too? It's up to you! There is a list of providers at the NBN website,, almost 150 for you to choose from. The large number of providers (should) mean competitive prices. 

If you have more questions or just feel like reading up some more, please see the website I've mentioned above. 

For a vocal overview you can listen to the conversation with Rachael McIntyre, the head NBN Local WA division, on  'Sean for Breakfast'  at the following link:

Happy Interneting!