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Climate Change and the Future of Food


Climate Change and the Future of Food

Food production impacts our planet more than anything else we do. Three planetary support systems – diversity of life, nitrogen balance and climate change – have been overstepped, threatening all life on earth. 

In the next 40 years we need to produce as much food as we have in the previous 500 years, as populations grow and demand for meat and dairy products increases, but current agricultural systems cannot meet this demand. 

Science now reveals that a global plant-based diet will have a profound impact, healing our natural environment, our health and our children’s future.

When:  Tuesday June 13th

Where:  The Uni Bar @ USQ

Time:  6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Cost:   $15p/p includes hot dogs and ice cream (vegan of course)

Bookings: Phone/text 0412 775 678 to confirm your booking

 Payment at the door on the night