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Help Support Assistance Dogs In Bendigo This Sunday

With this amazing charity walk!

Help Support Assistance Dogs In Bendigo This Sunday

Righteous Pups Australia has brought life to those children with disability or disease through assistance and therapy dogs.

The pups ability to connect and bond with these at risk teens and young people has given many a better quality of life.

"Our Heroes are the people we have the privilege to serve, our children and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders, our at risk teens deemed to be at significant educational risk, our young people with disabilities who allow us to assist them to bring their promise to life."

- Righteous Pups Australia

This Sunday is chance to give back to those unsung heros who have done so much.

Jacob Nolan and Bendigo Athletics Club will host the Crusoe Reservoir Fun Run/Walk, with all proceeds going to the work of the Righteous Pups Australia Inc. charity.

It's also a chance to support and highlight the work of those who train champion assistance dogs and launch heroes living with autism or type 1 diabetes.

All the important stuff:

What: Jacob Nolan & Bendigo Athletic Club Charity Walk/Run

Where: Bendigo Stadium

When: Sunday April 15, 7pm - 9pm