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Welcome to the Mix Club

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Welcome to the Mix Club

Welcome to The Mix Club!

“The Mix Club” is the new, bigger and better version, of The Music Jury.

It’s the club that will get you into the best events, gigs and sporting occasions in the mix94.5 world.

If you were part of our Music Jury, don't worry, we’ve automatically made you a member of The Mix Club! Keep checking your email for cool opportunities!

Through "The Mix Club" you still get a say on the MUSIC…but we’ll also be asking for your thoughts on everything Mix 94.5! The Music, The Shows, The Parties, The Contests!

You’ll have access to exclusive "invitation-only" events and gigs; and you can win tickets to the big concerts and sporting matches in Perth!

CONTROL the music. EXPERIENCE the music!! And more! With "The Mix Club"!

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