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Five Simple Steps For Regular Dads To Improve Their Rigs

Dad Bod Transformation

Five Simple Steps For Regular Dads To Improve Their Rigs

Poor dads.

Chasing the kids, working long hours, then getting home and doing your fair share of the housework, means there’s not much time for preparing great food. Plus, it’s all too easy to grab a takeaway on the run. And you’re never going to be able to get a night off to go to the gym or play sport.

The result: the dad bod.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. A few small changes that fit into your lifestyle, without costing you time with the family, can help lose the love handles and battle the beer gut.


Make these changes and make healthy normal to lose the dad bod.

Routine It

Dump the endless snacks, energy drinks, chocolate bars, and bags of chips that “just get you through”. Instead, eating regular meals, either 3 square meals or 5-6 smaller meals a day with heaps of veggies will help you to feel fuller for longer. Regular, healthy meals are better than the random bites, if they are nutritious and balanced. They and more filling and will satisfy you more too.

Back away from the booze!

It’s hard to hear, but not impossible to reduce your alcohol intake. Next time you’re on the cans try a low carb option or better still swap out the hooch for something more active with your mates. Check out Hello Sunday Morning for loads of hints and tips.

Pop The Fizzy

Fizzy drinks must go. Even as a treat. It’s just terrible for you. The odd diet fizzy is okay, but go for the mini can instead of the mega option. Make water your main drink and mix it up with fruit to give some flavour without increasing the kilojoules.

Lots Of Kidding Around

As your kids get older, involve them in your efforts to get fit. Instead of sitting on the couch, go out in the garden or down the park with them and a footy. They’ll run you ragged just as hard as a personal trainer, and you get the benefit of some quality family time playing chase or piggy-in-the-middle.

Ditch & Keep Track

Ditch the car, ditch the lift, ditch the couch, ditch the love handles and walk somewhere you usually wouldn’t. We’re not saying walk 1000 clicks, but maybe next time you need to go to the shops walk instead of drive.  Download an activity app like Facebook Moves and you’ll be surprised how competitive you become trying to beat your previous best.


Make healthy normal. Help us reduce obesity by making great choices that make healthy a normal part of your day. For more info, check out