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Piss Right Off, Formula 1 Has Trademarked The Shoey


Piss Right Off, Formula 1 Has Trademarked The Shoey

In a new chapter of the book titled 'Giant Corporations Trying To Ruin Everyone's Fun', Formula 1 has filed a trademark on the shoey.

The shoey, for those playing at home, is the act of pouring your alcoholic beverage into your shoe and slamming said beverage down your gullet, and has long been a tradition at backyard drinking sessions across Australia.

Australian F1 driver Dan Ricciardo has made the shoey famous on a global level, successfully performing them on several podiums of the Formula 1 circuit and forcing several other drivers into doing them too.

But even if the likes of Sebastien Vettel and Max Verstappen have partaken in one, the shoey belongs to the people.


Apparently Formula 1 haven't got that memo, successfully filing a motion with World Intellectual Property Organisation to trademark the term “shoey”.

The F1 trademark doesn't apply to actual act itself, namely the use of the word on any merchandising.

Still a pretty dick move from a organisation that already pisses money out of every orifice.