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Groom Lives Out WWE Fantasy By Slamming His Wife's "Ex" Through A Table At Their Wedding Reception

"Man, it was awesome"

Groom Lives Out WWE Fantasy By Slamming His Wife's "Ex" Through A Table At Their Wedding Reception Nick Boulanger/ Instagram

A newly married bloke has lived out his WWE fantasy by throwing his wife's "ex" through a table at their wedding reception.

Nick Boulanger, who describes himself as a fan of professional wrestling, went above and beyond when it came to setting up the evening's entertainment after his wedding to longtime girlfriend Alex Bravata.

Telling PEOPLE that he "didn't want it to be one of those typical weddings where it's all romantic and then you have the dance", Boulanger reached out to a local wrestler by the name of Steve Patin to help him out.

The two came up with a routine that would see Patin "crash" the newlyweds' big day, acting as Bravata's former lover and demanding a second-chance before Boulanger stepped in to protect his bride.

"He absolutely loves wrestling and he's a true professional - the stuff he goes through, like getting thrown over tables, hit by chairs," the 30-year-old said of his accomplice. 

"And we worked together to develop a script and he was very professional. He would redline it and add his own creative input and everything."

But the effort didn't stop there, with Boulanger even custom-building the table he'd smash Patin through.

"There is no wrestling store out there or anything where you could actually just buy these breakaway tables or stuff like that," he revealed.

"I actually found a video on YouTube and put it together myself."

The end result was posted to Boulanger's Instagram, and has been viewed close to 100,000 times already; check it out below.


"Oh man, it was awesome," he said. "It was always kind of a dream."

The only thing Boulanger's wife stipulated was when it happened; turns out she wasn't too keen on his first idea.

"The way I pitched it to her originally, I wanted to do it at the ceremony when the officiant asks, 'If anyone can think of a reason why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace'," he admitted.

"But obviously she was lukewarm on that so we negotiated on the reception."

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