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We Found Out How To Hack The KFC App To Unlock Their Secret Menu

"Beese Churger"

We Found Out How To Hack The KFC App To Unlock Their Secret Menu KFC

Look, when it comes to "secret menu" food items, the majority of what's whispered about is either completely made up or not worth your time and/ or energy.

But now KFC are getting in on the fun with a hidden menu that you would absolutely never find without direction.

Luckily for you, we found the key to such creations as the "Beese Churger" - an inverted cheeseburger, with the bun the wrong way round - the "Slida Burger", and the "Zinger Chipster", which puts the chips IN your Zinger wrap for you. 


There's also a HSP-style "Kentucky Snack Pack", which promises chips topped with Popcorn Chicken and Zinger sauce.

We had you at Beese Churger, didn't we?

Here's how to get your hands on any/ all of the above.

1. Download the KFC app.

2. Go to "Order Now".

3. Select the closest store to you that allows online orders.

4. When you get to the Menu page, pull the screen down very slowly. A cartoon Colonel will pop up along the top.

5. Continue to drag down - the slower the better - for a few seconds. Eventually, the secret menu will appear.

Rumour has it that we'll be treated to regular updates, so you may as well quit your diet now.

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