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EPL Player Breaks His Leg So Badly, His Opponent Burst Into Tears

Distressing content

EPL Player Breaks His Leg So Badly, His Opponent Burst Into Tears Twitter

An English Premier League player has broken his leg so badly, one opponent burst into tears and another hung his head in his hands.

Everton midfielder Andre Gomes suffered the devastating injury during his side's 1-1 draw against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, though the game was more than overshadowed by the incident.

While Tottenham's Son Heung-Min was red-carded for his foul on Gomes, it was actually the Portuguese international's momentum into Serge Aurier that saw his right ankle buckle completely underneath him.

As Son walked back to Gomes to offer assistance, both he and Aurier could be seen recoiling as they realised just how bad the injury was.

WARNING: Graphic content.


Son was visibly distressed, crying as referee Martin Atkinson sent him off; Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino said the South Korean star was "devastated".

"In that moment, it was very confused, difficult to keep calm, you watch the reaction on TV. It was never the intention and never a tackle to do what happened after," he said.



Gomes received urgent medical treatment on the field before being stretchered off, and, in the 12 minutes of added time, Everton team pressed for an equaliser.

Afterwards, manager Marco Silva praised his side for playing on after witnessing their teammate's horrific injury.

"It's more than a football game, it's the most important thing right now and give all our support to him and to his family as well," he said.

"We as a group and the players we have to keep the spirit we showed after that moment."

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