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Daniel Ricciardo's In No Rush To Decide His Future

Stay Or Go?

Daniel Ricciardo's In No Rush To Decide His Future

The decision's been made.

No, not Daniel Ricciardo's, he's still working that one out.

His Red Bull bosses this week picked Honda to power the cars in 2019 and 2020.

The announcement is sure to put more pressure on the Aussie to speed things up on what he'll be doing next year, and hopefully it's driving a Formula 1 car.

Here's what we know.

Danny Ric wants to drive for a contender that will allow him to fight for championships.

Red Bull don't want to be kept waiting too long.

Ahead of this weekend's French Grand Prix, our favourite (err, only) Aussie in F1 wasn't revealing whether he'd be saying Au Revoir to Red Bull or Oui to a new deal with the Austrian owned team.

It is easy to think the grass is greener,” he told the media pack in France.

“Maybe it is. I also have it pretty good where I am.

The works deal with Honda is sure to give him some food for thought though.

“There’s certainly a lot of pros with [the Honda power], so just trying to add it all up in my mind."

The thing is, it might all hinge on what Lewis Hamilton does.

If the Brit was to (unexpectedly) move on from F1, there'd be a seat at Mercedes ready for the taking while Ferrari haven't decided if Kimi Raikkonen will get another season beside (behind?) Sebastian Vettel.

The German press have also been filling columns reporting about multi-million dollar offers from McLaren.

Whatever happens, Ricciardo is keen to get it sorted sooner rather than later.

"For sure the discussions will start to ramp up the next seven days. For me, it would be nice – even if it’s a while away – to go on the summer break knowing what I’m doing so I can enjoy the summer break."

He just needs to decide what to do.

It's not the toughest decision he's ever had to make though - he rates the decision to up sticks from Perth and move to Australia as a far harder call.

But if the 28 year collects his third win of the season at this weekend's French Grand Prix, don't be surprised if the Aussie decides it's the better the devil, um... bull you know.