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"We Need To Get Control Of The Game Back Again"

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"We Need To Get Control Of The Game Back Again" Getty Images

The Triple M Sunday NRL team believe it's time the NRL take back control of the game, with Paul Kent saying coaches have too much control over the game. 

Kenty believes there's no need to bring in more rules to halt professional fouls because there are already measures in the rule book to curb these incidents. 

"We already have a rule in the book that says if you commit a professional foul you go to the sin bin for 10 minutes," Kenty said. 

"When you bring up that argument, some say it's too harsh, you shouldn't get 10 minutes in the sin bin for that.

"Well you know what If thats the case, don't do it and the coaches will quickly tell their players 'guys I know last year we spent all last year coaching to stand offside and give away penalties but this year if you do it you'll end ups in the sin bin so lets not do it', and that's all we have to do. 

"We don't begin this week in the Grand Final but over the summer with Tony Archer and Todd Greenberg."

Triple M's Gorden Tallis agreed with Kenty saying it's time the game took back control including the deliberate late hits on playmakers.

"We need to nit pick because the coaches have too much control," Gordie said.

"I don't like it (hit on Cooper Cronk) ... hitting halfbacks in the back once they've passed to put him on the ground because the coach goes, lets take him out of play ... it's not fair."

Triple M's Ryan Girdler chimed in saying they way the Broncos set-up defensively against Melbourne, there was a direct order to be over-zealous against the playmakers. 

"These guys were flying out of the line, it was almost like kick pressure ... whilst they were still considerably a fair way away from defensive line," Girds said. 

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