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"I Think He’s A Better Player Than Cooper Cronk"

Rugby League legend backs Pearce

"I Think He’s A Better Player Than Cooper Cronk" Getty Images

Balmain Tigers legend Steve 'Blocker' Roach believes Mitchell Pearce is a better player than Cooper Cronk at club level. 

Blocker conceded on Fox Sports' Bill and Boz, that Cronk is without doubt superior at Origin level, an 'untried' Cronk without the Cameron Smith and Billy Slater isn't as good as Pearce. 

''As far as club football goes, I think he’s a better player than Cooper Cronk, a lot of people will howl me down for that, but I think he is and suited to the Roosters," Roach told Fox Sports’ Bill and Boz.

‘’I think Mitchell’s got every right to be filthy."

"Mitchell Pearce has been there for a decade, he’s on the verge of playing the most club games for an individual club if he stays there, I don’t think he’ll stay there, but to bring Cooper Cronk, look Cooper Cronk’s a great player no doubt about it, but he’s untried without Cameron Smith and also Billy Slater."

Blocker filmy believes the signing of Cronk send a clear message to Pearce. 

‘’Mitchell Pearce is a wonderful player there’s no doubt about that, and I can’t believe they’ve done that.

"I reckon it’s a knee-jerk reaction to say ‘oh we’ve only one won premiership’."

"What the Roosters are saying to Mitchell Pearce is ‘we don’t think you can get the job done at halfback’.''