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How Much Do Port Adelaide Need To Win By To Jump Sydney On The Ladder?

Potential double chance.

How Much Do Port Adelaide Need To Win By To Jump Sydney On The Ladder? (Image: Getty)

With the final round yet to settle, Port Adelaide can still earn themselves a top four spot.

Sydney boosted their percentage to 126.77% in their win over Carlton, which temporarily hands them fourth spot.

But Port Adelaide can jump them into fourth and, if Richmond lose to St Kilda tomorrow, it can hand the Power a double chance and a likely qualifying final against Adelaide.

Otherwise, it could hand Port Adelaide fifth and Sydney sixth, changing the permutations of the elimination finals.

Here's what needs to happen.

Port Adelaide's current percentage is 123.14%, meaning they need to bump their percentage up around 3.6%, which will require at least a 70-point win over Gold Coast, depending on how much the Suns score.

Port Adelaide can beat Gold Coast 99-30, which will see their percentage climb to 126.83%.

Other results include 111-40, 124-50 and 137-60.

The Power already have a 72-point win over the Suns this season, over in China, so it's not out of the question.

The possible results

Port Adelaide 60 defeat Gold Coast 0

Port Adelaide 73 defeat Gold Coast 10

Port Adelaide 86 defeat Gold Coast 20

Port Adelaide 99 defeat Gold Coast 30

Port Adelaide 111 defeat Gold Coast 40

Port Adelaide 124 defeat Gold Coast 50

Port Adelaide 137 defeat Gold Coast 60

Port Adelaide 149 defeat Gold Coast 70

Port Adelaide 162 defeat Gold Coast 80

Port Adelaide 175 defeat Gold Coast 90

Port Adelaide 187 defeat Gold Coast 100