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Damo: Tigers Nervous About Lynch-Collingwood Meeting

"They don’t know where they stand"

Damo: Tigers Nervous About Lynch-Collingwood Meeting Getty Images

Triple M Footy’s Damian Barrett says Richmond are nervous about the fact that Gold Coast forward Tom Lynch has met with Collingwood twice in the space of a fortnight.

Lynch, who is widely expected to return to Victoria next year as a free agent, is believed to be deciding between Richmond, Collingwood and Hawthorn as his next destination.

Damo told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Wednesday that this time last year, the Tigers had Lynch “on the hook”, but now they’re not so sure.

“Richmond this time last year got Tom Lynch on the hook to the point where they thought they were going to be very comfortable when this decision had to be made about now,” Damo said during The Midweek Rub.

“The problem for Richmond, and when I say problem it’s not one they’re worrying about, was winning the premiership last year and potentially going back-to-back this year – it’s changed the landscape the way Lynch is thinking. It doesn’t mean he says ‘no’ to it (Richmond’s offer) but it’s certainly changed why he was going to go there. 

“Does he want to go to a club as established as being successful? This is all part of his thinking. Collingwood is seizing on that aspect of it ... you don’t go back (to meet with Collingwood) a second time inside 10 or 12 days as it was on Monday without reason.

“Richmond has got a little bit nervous about the fact Collingwood now has gone in for a second time and they don’t know where they stand as Collingwood doesn’t right now.” 

Damo also revealed that Nathan Buckley has met with Lynch as recently as within the past fortnight rather than “a while back” as the Magpies coach said on Footy Classified last week.