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Damo Gives His Take On The Future Of Eddie Betts & Mitch McGovern

Star Crows aren't happy

Damo Gives His Take On The Future Of Eddie Betts & Mitch McGovern Image credit: AAP

Triple M Footy’s Damian Barrett has suggested to The Rush Hour that star Adelaide duo Eddie Betts and Mitch McGovern both want to leave Adelaide. 

Betts has wanted to depart Adelaide for some time now, according to Damo, and that relates largely to the controversial mindset training camp the team underwent in the off-season. 

“The Eddie Betts situation has been going on for some time,” Damo told The Midweek Rub on Wednesday.

“He’s contracted until the end of 2020. Carlton, for instance, has known of him wanting to return to Melbourne but, to my knowledge, they haven’t explored the possibilities of him playing for Carlton within that 2020 period, but more to get him back to the club as an ambassador once his career finishes. 

“Eddie Betts didn’t like it (the camp), he won’t say that publicly but we now know factually that he didn’t like it.”

Meanwhile, Damo believes that after asking for a trade at the end of last season, a mere two months after signing a new contract, McGovern will again seek a trade this year despite being contracted to the Crows until the end of 2020. 

“That was a very interesting situation. He (McGovern) signed that new contract in August last year, and I remember we spoke about him during the trade period about exploring the options even then - literally two months after signing that contract,” Damo said.

“It’s come up again. Clearly something is happening there of the nature that will have him explore the market. How he moves, I don’t know. He’s got another two years of a contract so if I’m Adelaide I’m not even considering that.”