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Overweight Woman's Public Discussion About Her Flight Anxiety

"I have to get on a plane & I am fat."

Overweight Woman's Public Discussion About Her Flight Anxiety

A simple tweet about a self-confessed overweight woman's anxiety about catching a flight has sent her twitter feed into meltdown.



Her initial tweet was then followed up by "live tweets" of her experience, in her own words, "...flying as a fat person".

Here's just a sample of how the thread went.


Heartbreakingly, she also comments on how her body shape is discussed when flying... either in her presence or not.



It's clearly an ongoing issue and crusade for her. This from her Facebook page.



Obviously, this is more related to the cutthroat nature of the domestic airlines in the USA, but her tweet and discussion has obviously touched a nerve. With anyone and everyone in the world. In a blog she wrote, she describes her anxiety when she finds out she has to travel for work.

My heart is pounding and my breath is tightening. I close my eyes, feel my feet on the ground and my breath in my throat, trying desperately to avoid the embarrassment of a full-blown panic attack at work. I will have to get on a plane. And I am fat.

- @yrfatfriend


Who can tell whether her very public display will make a difference. But she's at least got the conversation started.

Written by: @dantheinternut


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