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Hands Up Who Needs A Digital Detox?

There's a quiz and everything

Hands Up Who Needs A Digital Detox? Pixabay

So - Lisa and Pete have discussed the issue of digital detox, with Caroline Babbage, the owner of Fawkes House and the provider of WA's very own digital detox retreat.

That's right... a chance to get away and ditch the phone... not literally of course.

In a story with The West Australian, they shared a little questionnaire that we thought was spot on.

Simply entitled... DO YOU NEED A DIGITAL DETOX?

1 = highly disagree
3 = neutral
5 = highly agree

  1. Facebook/social networking/mobile phone has become part of my daily routine.
  2. I feel out of touch when I haven’t logged on to Facebook/social networking or used mobile phone.
  3. I use Facebook/social networking/mobile phone as a way of making me feel good.
  4. I get into arguments with other people about the amount of time I spend on Facebook/social networking/mobile phone.
  5. I prefer to spend time on Facebook/social networking/mobile phone rather than attend social activities/events.
  6. If I can’t access Facebook/social networking/mobile phone I feel moody and irritable.

The higher the score, the higher the problematic use of the Facebook/social networking/mobile phone.

(Questions developed by Murdoch University researcher Lynette Vernon and included as part of the Youth Activity Participation Survey WA, funded by the Australian Research Council.)

Is you answered high numbers to these questions, then you might want to read about the Fawkes Digital Detox package offered by Caroline.

The Capel retreat offers a digital detox package to encourage guests to free their mind and body of a "technology-ruled existence".

As well as a total body detox spa treatment, the package includes reiki, Pilates, meditation for mindfulness and drawing/painting to be in the moment.

During their stay, guests are also treated to:

  • Local tasting platter and fresh fruit juice on arrival
  • Bowl of fresh fruit, fresh flowers and complimentary port
  • Three-course gourmet dinner
  • Full breakfast
  • 1 1/2 hour hot stone massage
  • Light lunch prior to departure
  • One complimentary bottle of award-winning local wine, one glass of local dessert wine with meal and organic toiletries for guest use.

Total cost $995 for one person for one night. Check in 2pm; check out noon.

No doubt you have to book through your phone... yes, we get the irony.


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Written by: @dantheinternut