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Dream Cruising: Day 3


Dream Cruising: Day 3

The Rush Hour with Lisa and Pete have taken a whole bunch of lucky listeners on a cruise throughout the beautiful Malacca Strait, starting and ending in Singapore.

Here you will find a daily of diary of their exploits.

Day 3: Penang

One word... TRI-SHAW (or is that two words?)

Either way, we disembarked the Genting Dream for the first time and got to savour the sights, the sounds, and sweet smells of the jewel in Malaysia's north, Penang.

How did the ride go? Well, let's see what Pete thought.


So, after that little bit of fun, our awesome tour guide, Yup, took us to a place where they have some amazing mural artwork.



This was Yup... "not no, Yup! Always positive!"

We're having just the best time... Rock on Dream Cruises!


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Written by: @dantheinternut