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JB And Billy Share Their Own Retirement Stories

"Out of there within three minutes!"

JB And Billy Share Their Own Retirement Stories Image: Triple M

In the wake of the news about Jarrad Waite, Brendon Goddard and Alex Silvagni, JB and Billy have shared their own stories about retiring from cricket and footy - and they're bloody brilliant.


JB shared his story about how he was offered a better deal to make the switch from cricket to radio, even after scoring plenty of runs.

"I was offered more than double that to do breakfast with SA FM back in the day," he said.

He sat down with David Johnston who accepted JB's proposal - and then some.


"I was out of three within three minutes!" he laughed.

"Not one person tried to talk me out of it!"

Then it was Billy's turn. 

"(It was) much the same!" he laughed.

"I was out of contract, I thought I'll have a chat to 'Ayresy' (Gary Ayres), I might get one year. Because I'm on 198 games, Jim, it would have been nice to play 200!

"I walk in, sit down, Ayresy goes 'I'll save you some time, Bill. We're not going to renegotiate your contract!'"