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Jay Clark Says That Scott Pendlebury Has Viral Meningitis

On the Rush Hour

Jay Clark Says That Scott Pendlebury Has Viral Meningitis Image: AAP

Triple M Footy news breaker Jay Clark says that Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury has viral meningitis.

Speaking on the Rush Hour, Jay-Z says that Pendles has been in bed all week with the illness.


Pendles is still likely to play against West Coast in next week's qualifying final at Optus Stadium though.

“If there was a final this weekend I still think he would get up, but it would be only just,” Jay-Z said.

“He has been seriously struggling all week.”

Pendlebury’s wife Alex mentioned the illness on her Instagram today after their son had Jax had also taken ill.


Viral meningitis is characterised by headaches, fever and vomiting and is treated with bed rest and plenty of fluids.

Most cases of it last seven to 10 days and clear up on their own.

Jay also spoke about Jaidyn Stephenson winning the Rising Star award, all the latest trade news and more.


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