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Billy Asks Jesse Hogan Some "Extraordinary" Questions

'What are you on about, Fat?!'

Billy Asks Jesse Hogan Some "Extraordinary" Questions Image: Triple M

Billy Brownless has derailed the chat with Jesse Hogan on Triple M's Rush Hour with some "extraordinary" questions.

Tuesday's interview was going swimmingly...until halfway through, Billy let slip: "How's Chloe?"

The silence was deafening as Jesse and JB tried to figure out what the hell Billy meant.

"What are you on about, Fat?!" JB asked.

The chat got back on track...until Billy went again, trying to quiz Hogan on a piece of paper on whether he had a girlfriend or a fiancé.

“One of the most extraordinary interview performances of all time!” JB laughed.

“Jess, have you ever been in an interview worse than this where a man’s behaved as appallingly as this?!"

Hogan was bamboozled.

“He’s pinned me into a corner here! He’s telling me what he’s going to word me up with, talk about the Dees, how they’re tracking, and then he slides this one out and I’m not expecting it!” he laughed.

“I have no idea where this has come from. Genuinely!"