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Two Former Gold Coast Players Leave Balwyn After Rodney Eade Gets Appointed Coach

'It's almost too late to replace them.'

Two Former Gold Coast Players Leave Balwyn After Rodney Eade Gets Appointed Coach Image: Getty

Balwyn president Richard Wilson says it’s up to their three big recruits - Rodney Eade, Henry Schade and Daniel Gorringe - to sort out their personal issues.

Schade and Gorringe, both former Gold Coast players, have left the club without playing a game after being signed before Christmas.

The reason for their departure? Eade, who coached the two of them at Gold Coast, was appointed as Balwyn's senior coach.

Wilson told Triple M's Hot Breakfast the two departures could leave them without marquee recruits for the 2018 season.

“We actually haven’t spoken to them yet, they haven’t actually rung me," he said.

“Schade’s exit out of Gold Coast is probably more of a problem for him than one for Gorringe.

“The problem - as you said Eddie - we’re on a points system and a salary cap system.

"When you go to build your list, which is fundamentally pre-Christmas, once you’ve signed these players, you’ve got to work through your points system. You can let them go, (but) it’s almost too late to replace them.”

Wilson said the three of them need to sit down and put their issues behind them.

“First thing for them two is to sit down with Rocket and have a good, long conversation," he told Triple M on Wednesday morning.

"I think, like anything, the world moves on pretty quickly and things happen in the past and you’ve got to move forward.

"I think the first thing that they need to be doing is sitting down with Rocket and having the conversation, and see where it goes from there."