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Season Review with Nico

Call Team's Nico gives us his take

Season Review with Nico

I cannot believe that a new season is upon us, but you know because there is that buzz around town that only comes by at footy season start time.

Who will be the Premiers for 2017?

Can Cronulla go back to back?

Are the Broncos the same team without Corey Parker?

All will be revealed in 26 weeks time but in the meantime here is the gospel according to Nicho.


My reasoning is simple; Michael Ennis has retired and it was he who orchestrated their season in 2016. With no Ennis and no Barber the Sharks will still be there about as they have a truckload of talent, but they have lost their X-Factor.

Corey Parker was such an integral part of the Broncos I think it will take some time for a genuine replacement to be up to his calibre. If ever. I, like many rated him as one the very best and his workload, experience and leadership will take a while to replace. Make no mistake however, Bennett will replace it. However the old saying rings true on this one, “difficult things take a while…the bloody impossible takes a bit longer”.

Interesting to note that the great Peter Sterling has come out and said THE BRONCS WILL NOT MAKE THE TOP 8 THIS YEAR!


I don’t know how he can deduce that before a ball has even been kicked in anger; but he knows a lot more about the game than me.

Look for some hard work and consistency from the Cowboys new recruit Shawn Fensom. I have watched this guy for years and to me he is a Bluey Southern. He is compact and definitely not a big man but he has a heart the size of Texas and a work rate to match.

The standouts in the Canberra side for me are Joey Leluia who is a power house centre, Jordan Ropana an aggressive fast finishing winger, Josh Hodgson the Pommie number 9 who is to Canberra what Michael Ennis was to Cronulla and Shannon Boyd who is built like 10 men. Boyd is the biggest human I have seen on a footy field for a long time and I reckon he is just learning how to throw his weight around.

My top 4 predictions……in no particular order using the SWAG method ( sophisticated wild arsed guess)…..Cowboys, Roosters, Storm and Canberra.

The footy is back baby and I for one cant wait for kick-off on Thursday night.


Nico is apart of the Cowboys Call Team - check it out for every Cowboys game!