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Robin Bailey Gives Her Boys Some Pointers Before Mother's Day

Get something sorted!

Robin Bailey Gives Her Boys Some Pointers Before Mother's Day

Okay, so let me declare my hand early , I am a single mother of three sons (17,15 and 12) and Mother's Day matters to me. Not because I want my kids to spend their hard earned allowance or pay packets on me, but because I want them to stop and think about someone other than themselves. It’s a true fact that children are narcissistic by design. It’s their job and I think this generation does it very, very well completely assisted by mothers like me who willingly cater to their every whim. So, as we hurtle towards this one day of the year where us mums are supposed to be officially celebrated… here are my top 5 tips!

  1. If you are the husband, father of your children or partner to a mum then you are not the kids, so blokes, do not do the job of organising Mothers Day for your kids BUT and this "but" leads onto point two... 
  2. Make sure that the said kids have got SOMETHING sorted. So badger them to do it rather than do it for them because if it all goes wrong you will also get blamed 
  3. By something, I mean anything as long as it's heartfelt and shows that some thought went into the process . For example any card will do (not necessarily a specific Mother's Day card ) as long as there are some honest words written by your child in it. The more sentences describing feelings the better! These cards are often kept for life.
  4. Breakfast in bed is great........ don't care how bad it is, just do it!
  5. Doing something fun that your mum likes to do, counts. So if she like gardening then garden with her.  

Tips for my kids ahead of Mother's Day

  1. They have had a meeting and decided on a plan for the day BEFORE Sunday
  2. This can involve my partner Sean as he may need to remind them to do it 
  3. All three make breakfast in bed for me which can consist of cold toast and a cold cup of tea or a hot breakfast with a  skinny latte from my favourite cafe down the road..
  4. I get a card (or three)  with hand written messages that are more than ....."love Fin, Lewin and Pip"
  5. We then walk the dogs as a family ....yep, I like walking  the dogs, they don't. 


Thats it ! 

This plan can be adapted for older kids who don't live with their mum's or younger ones who need lots of help. Just do something because honestly talking as a busy working mum's who doesn't have a lot of time to stop and ask for help or recognition, it makes every worry line and grey hair worth it to know my kids do care and they show it. 

Ps. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT buy anything you want and disguise it as a gift for me. I may look meek and mild but years of standing in soccer goals kicking balls back to you in practice means that I am not adverse to a swift kick up the butt if required and I will NEVER miss !