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The Trials And Tribulations Of Trying To Conceive

All sorts of stories

The Trials And Tribulations Of Trying To Conceive Pixabay

This morning, The Big Breakfast talked about an issue that is sadly close to many people's heart... the struggle to conceive.

We put a post up last night on our Facebook page asking the following:


And it's fair to say, we got a whole gamut of responses.

This morning, when we asked the question, we received a call from Julie in Leda, who gave a heartbreaking account of her struggle to conceive.

As Matt alluded to, Julie can certainly hang her hat of the fact that she gave it her absolute best shot.

Of course, there are happy stories as well. We were reminded this morning about a listener, Miki,  who some years ago, won a significant amount of money with us in our Secret Sound competition.

She told us at the time that the money would significantly help in paying off a substantial IVF debt.

A few years on, Miki keeps us updated on her little boy Max... And we love seeing him grow up before our very eyes.

We love that... Max 94.5.

Thank you to everyone who contributed... we really appreciate your stories and bravery in sharing them.


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Written by: @dantheinternut