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The Man... The Legend... Jamie Oliver

In his entirety!

The Man... The Legend... Jamie Oliver

Working at a radio station, every now and then you get a guest that sends the whole place into raptures.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Jamie Oliver.

He spent almost an hour here and we have to say, it felt like 2 minutes, such was the whirlwind.

We surprised him with a Koala, which we found out was his first encounter with one of our little mates.

Jamie Meets A Koala

He also shared some bloody good news for vegetarians.

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Jamie also chatted about how, in his naked chef days, "geezers" ended up loving him because his cooking helped them get some "action" in the bedroom.

Rumpy pumpy

And - of course - Matt just had to play Jamie the song he wrote for him... Jami'e reaction is priceless.

Jamie's song

If you want to see it, the chat in full is amazing. Well worth the time to sit down with a cooking icon.

Watch it in full

Thanks again to Jamie for spending so much time with us and being just so bloody gracious!



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Written by: @dantheinternut