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Matt's Desperate Plea For Lachie And Gaffy To Stay

Please Don't Go!!!

Matt's so desperate to see our two players from the West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers, Andrew Gaff and Lachie Neale, stay in WA that he's resorted to desperate measures in order to convince them to stay.

Matt did what he does best, and that is to write them a ditty.

It must have had some effect because we got word that Andrew Gaff will be joining us in the studio - live - for the first time since the Western Derby incident.

The Lyrics (sung to Please Don't Go by KC & The Sunshine Band)

"Hey Matt, did you hear that Andrew Gaff and Lachie Neale are probably leaving Perth?"

"But they was my friends... they was the people I talked to about the football"

"I can't live without them"

"Lachie? Gaffy? Why you doing this to me?"

Hey, hey Lachie Neale
How do you think, you making me feel?
I thought we, that we was friends?
Catch you making eyes, at those Brisbane Lions

Please don't go
Don't go
Want you and Jules to stay
Please don't go
Don't go
You're Mix's Doig Medallist

And you, Andrew Gaff
How come you no longer drop in for a chat?
I thought you, was my main man
Those moments we would talk about Lost and Love Island

Please don't go
I know
That punch was a bad thing
Please don't go
Don't go
Still need you on the West Coast wing

"Don't go Gaffy"

"Don't you go Lachie!"

"Why don't you stay in Perth"

"Where the weather's nicer"

"Please, just don't go"


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Written by: @dantheinternut