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Matt Tees Off On Mr Whippy Music Ban

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Matt Tees Off On Mr Whippy Music Ban Wikipedia

This morning, Matt teed off at a potential ban to that tune that pretty much everyone bar a couple of people in Mosman Park absolutely bloody loves... Greensleeves.

You know, the Mr Whippy tune.

Have a listen:


If this is the first you're hearing of this developing story, the Town Of Mosman Park are voting on an amendment to their draft proposal on the regulation of temporary food traders within its boundaries, which suggests that, in essence, mobile food vans would not be able to play music or otherwise from a loudspeaker on weekends within the boundaries of the shire.

This has all developed from a couple of complaints to council... reportedly four residents in total.

Whatever happens at the council meeting tonight, you can bet that kids will still find a way to find the ice-cream truck.


Written by: @dantheinternut

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