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Lley Lley Strikes Back At Tomic

The legend strikes back!

Lley Lley Strikes Back At Tomic AAP Photos

The Big Breakfast tackled the elephant in the room this morning... by "room" we mean Australian Tennis and by "elephant", we mean the very public feud between Tomic and Lleyton Hewitt.

Hewitt's hit back at Tomic's post-match words from the other day.

LLey Lley Strikes Back

We couldn't help but highlight the gravity of Lleyton's comments:

"I think the threats that I've received, for me and my family, that I've had for a year and a half now, I don't think anyone would reach out to a person that speaks like that."

Their chat in full about the whole saga is a great listen.

Hear It Here

The mind boggles as to what comes next in this bitter battle of words.


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Written by: @dantheinternut