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Kymba Tells Tracey It's Time To Drop Dean!

She has words!

Kymba Tells Tracey It's Time To Drop Dean! Channel 9

This morning, Tracey, the single mum from THAT show that everyone is talking about at work, joined Clairsy, Matt and Kymba on The Big Breakfast to give out some juicy goss on what's going down (and what's going to go down) in the up and coming weeks.

No more words... just hear it from the woman herself.

We loved Kymba's quote:

"Look, I'll eat my hat, if you are still dating Dean right now Tracey, in a couple of months when this show finishes airing, I'm going to come back and get you and be like 'look, we need to have a serious chat!'"

We reckon there's a few people out there who might be thinking the same way?


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Written by: @dantheinternut