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Kymba Has A Crack At The Shakti Mat

"It's basically a bed of nails"

Kymba Has A Crack At The Shakti Mat

Every week Kymba tries out a weird and wonderful array of supposedly life-improving things, to find out just how life-improving they really are. 

On this week's "Kymba Has A Crack", she put herself to sleep on a Shakti Mat, which you lie on to improve your sleep. It's spikes relax you and get you to achieve a deeper sleep... yes, it's basically a bed of nails!

"When you get up, you can feel the spikes sticking into your skin and you expect to look down and see blood pouring out."

Listen to her full review here:

And yet... Kymba reckons it worked!

Find out how many cracks out of five she gave it and why she reckons if she carried on using it, it'd be even better!

Check out Shakti Mats for yourself here