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Kids Rack Up $95k Wi-Fi Bill On Holiday!

That's a LOT of episodes of The Wiggles!

Kids Rack Up $95k Wi-Fi Bill On Holiday!

"Get off that iPad!" 

We've all said that to the kids, especially on holiday when if you're not careful they'll use so much WiFi, you'll be lucky if you have any left for your much-needed pina coladas at the end of the day.

...Or, as in the case of a caller to The Big Breakfast with Clairsy, Matt & Kymba this morning, even less.

Poor Gretchen didn't realise their kids had been ploughing through to WiFi on their family holiday to Austria, to the tune of $95,000!!! Listen to how it happened here: 


Say WHAT!?!? Yes, those kids got through nearly $100k in just six days! It's actually quite impressive in some ways (though we reckon Gretchen didn't see it that way).

Good luck getting your service provider to help you with that bill, Gretchen!