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Hits From Ya Hood: Scarborough

Opera time!!!

Well, Matt's Hits From Ya Hood took yet another turn this week with his very own hood, Scarborough, getting the royal treatment.

And what treatment it got, with a very extra special guest appearance and performance by Perth's very own Sam Roberts-Smith, who's tearing it up on the Opera scene. He recently completed a highly successful season of Carmen with our own West Australian Opera.

Not hard to see why, really ;)


The song's another Hit From Ya Hood crackerjack! Well played Matt and Sam...

Well played!


(to Nessun Dorma)

Getting warmer
Getting warmer
Grab your favourite bathers
Put sunscreen on your face
Turn off the tele
Time to tan that belly
Don't miss this chance

We could meet there for a coffee
Or have a drink or two at Rendezvous
Just me and you
Eating beer nuts
Watch the sun set
At Scarborough

Let's walk the boardwalk
Skate park's cool old school
How good's the new pool

It's great the Chinese want to build
Will we still want to boast, when we're another Gold Coast
Oh no you don't
No shopping malls here
White sands and shark fear
At Scarborough




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Written by: @dantheinternut