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Hits From Ya Hood: Safety Bay


We know we say this every time we make one... but Matt's latest hit about Safety Bay could very much be the best one yet.

The Lyrics

Sometimes I hear that it's too far from the city
Sometimes I hear that things are better up north
But this suburb I live in, caresses the ocean
You can see Penguin Island, smell the seaweed at night

I drive along Reed Street, head past Georgetown Oval
Take a right to the ocean, watch the day roll on by
It's the bay that is calling, so calm, safe for swimming
Told work I had gastro, now that is a lie

And I just want to always feel, like I do today
Walking on the sandy beach, right here in Safety Bay
If you want a chip butty, three bucks and it tastes great
Never need to go to Perth, we got two IGA's

It's hard to believe that, you don't know more about us
The things that you'll see, along Malibu Road
The world is in my hands, looking back south from North Sands
I'm kiteboarding with friends, together we fly

I don't want to ever spend, too much time away
Never seen a place I love, as much as Safety Bay
Called a place Waikiki, big stretch but that's okay
I just never want to leave, my home in Safety Bay

(3/4's of an hour from Perth, you'll find six one six nine)
(You don't even need a car, close to a great train line)
(Nothing like Rockingham, different as night and day)
(If you want a peaceful life, just get to Safety Bay)

It's always better when you get legends involved... and Matt looked no further than Perth's own Vocal Evolution... who graciously hosted Matt and the team to perform an epic homage to Red Hot Chili Peppers' classic Under The Bridge.

Did we say epic?

Of course, right now they're on the hunt for more members... and with fun involved like the video above, why wouldn't you have a go?

More Details Here


If you want to know more about Vocal Evolution, there's their website and Facebook page for you to like

Rest assured we liked them... a lot!!!

Hope you enjoy it Safety Bay!


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Written by: @dantheinternut