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It's Kymba's Turn To Get Fit With HBF Fitness!

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It's Kymba's Turn To Get Fit With HBF Fitness!

Kymba from The Big Breakfast has let her fitness slide over the last couple of years and she is keen to get back on track and make fitness part of her lifestyle again as she's aware of the importance of a healthy life style.

Thanks to HBF Fitness, she is going to do just that!

The Spring 2018 HBF Fitness classes run from October 22 to December 16 and with over 21 locations all over WA, you're sure to find one near you!

You also have four levels to choose from including, HIIT (high intensity interval training), Intermediate, Beginner and Family.

It's free for HBF health members so sign up today at 


That went quickly! 8 weeks of HBF training classes, finished for the year. 8 weeks of feeling stronger, fitter, and best of all- it was FREE for HBF members!
The classes were really simple to manage- 21 locations you could swap between if you needed to, easy parking, different classes for each fitness level, and you could go at your own pace.

On the days where I had less energy than usual, I could still power through a session without being concerned I was overdoing it. I set myself challenges in each class- trying to keep up with the people who ran a bit faster, to push myself. I was pleasantly surprised how much fitter I felt by week 8. The classes were different every week so I was never bored. Even doing one class a week, I noticed I was looking forward to more exercise as the weeks rolled on. Thanks HBF!


I must admit, after 2 weeks break, I could feel it. I felt a bit heavier and my mental commitment was not as strong. Amazing how our minds turn on us so quickly! But I went along to class last night and we completed the fitness challenge. This was a repeat episode of the challenge we did in week 2- to see how far we had come. I’m pleased to say (even after 2 weeks of asthma) my fitness has improved!

In the last test of 8 minutes I managed just over 4 laps of the course. Yesterday I did 5 1/2 laps in the same time! I felt much stronger and the tasks were easier. I’m curious how well I would have done if I wasn’t sick for 2 weeks prior, but I’m still super happy with that result! Huge thanks to Kerry for running our training each week at Bayswater. It’s been great! (I’m clearly the red-faced exhausted one in this pic!) 


Ever had a cold, where on day 9 you still feel as crappy as you did on day 2? That’s where I’ve been this week. After catching a cold, my asthma crept in. I’ve been asthmatic since I was a kid and like every kid with asthma should- I have spent my life on an asthma management plan. Essentially I have experienced enough serious ongoing-asthma to be able to self-assess my lungs/breathing and immediately know what action I need to take. 

So when I could hear myself wheezing on Wednesday, I knew that I couldn’t attend my HBF session. I’m kinda disappointed I’ve missed 2 classes, but more so because this asthma will set me back and by the time these classes end, I won’t have a true indication of my progress from week 1 to week 8. 

Geez- is that almost like saying I was looking forward to the next beep test? Yikes. Who have I become? ;)


Curse you, common cold! After days of what I thought was hay fever, it turns out I had a cold! So when training rolled around on Wednesday, I was balled up on the couch wondering if I should force myself to go to training. Of course- that would have been a silly idea because my body needed to recover! 

But I did actually feel disappointed I couldn’t go. Even though I’ve only been doing the sessions once a week, they’ve become habitual and each week I have been feeling more confident exercising. 

Something positive came of this though- I’ve learned enough techniques over the first few weeks, to be able to put together a mini session in my backyard when I’m feeling better. Always an upside! 

Guess I’ll be training harder next week... 


Week 4…half way there!

I say that, but the truth is I need to continue with my fitness beyond this 8 week program. HBF Fitness classes have reminded me that I don’t need to be the fastest or the strongest- I just need to try. It hasn’t been hard either! I can do everything at my own pace but I still feel challenged by the others in the class. Last night had us running and jumping consistently with less breaks in between, and that’s because we have already improved since week 1.

Just gotta remind myself I AM CAPABLE!!


Who would have thought a little blue cone could inflict such fear? When I saw it out on the field I knew it was a marker for something cruel! But fear not, fellow lazy types! It turned out to be a great cardio session with lost of variety. It's been a new experience every week, and shock horror - I think I'm already fitter after just three sessions! Woohoo!


Last night’s session was a great workout and we did our first fitness test. EEK! 

After a bit of soreness following the first class, I was unsure how well I would do.

BUT...I surprised myself! A harder work out, with more running (my arch nemesis) but I pushed through and it felt really rewarding. So rewarding in fact, I came home and ate the unclaimed Halloween treats I left out for the ghouls!


Pre First Session:

I’ve been making excuses for far too long, and I need to get my A into G! HBF Fitness have made it easy for me to get involved, so now is the time. I used to exercise regularly but over the last 3 years I have really let my fitness drop. I’m quietly nervous but I’m actually kinda excited that I am finally going to feel better and stronger soon! Wish me luck…

After first session:

They say the hardest part of anything is just getting started…and I did it! My first HBF fitness session was last night and I really enjoyed it! People of all ages, sizes and fitness levels came together to get those bodies moving, and I am so glad I went. It was challenging enough to get the endorphins going but not too hard for me to manage. Looking forward to my next session!