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Get To Know Our Two Million Dollar Song Finalist

Meet Steve!

Get To Know Our Two Million Dollar Song Finalist

This morning, The Big Breakfast met the man who will get a shot at TWO MILLION bucks, this Friday at mix94.5.

Steve from Maddington successfully made the initial draw and this morning, answered his phone therefore making him the Two Million Dollar Song finalist.

This Friday... live with The Big Breakfast... Steve will get a genuine shot at becoming Perth's newest millionaire.

Hear how Steve's call went down this morning

We thought we'd get to know a little more about our man Steve from Maddington, so here's some fast facts about him.

About Steve

  • Steve's 58 years old, originally from Liverpool but moved here with his family in 1968.
  • He's lived in Maddington for 25 years, but originally lived in Lockridge.
  • He's a mad Liverpool and West Coast Eagles fan. He's an In The Wings member but can't afford a membership should one come up.
  • He has had a really rough last few years health wise. He has a knee problem so he needed two half knee replacements. He had the first knee done two years ago, he was meant to have the second one the next year BUT, Steve had a heart attack last year.
  • So has only had his second knee done this January and is “walking like a dream now and will fly up those stairs at mix94.5”

About Steve's Family

  • He is one of six kids. He is the only boy!
  • All his family is in WA – some down in Manjimup or Bunbury, lots here in Perth
  • He is a twin! He is 6 foot tall with red hair, his twin sister is 5”2’ and blonde. He says, “She got the looks, I got the brains”
  • He says that the belief that boys have more luck with girls when they have sisters because they bring all their friends home is wrong. It didn’t help him at all
  • He has a wife and one son

How Steve Would Spend The Two Mill?

  • His son has just bought a house and he would love to pay it off for him
  • He would make sure his elderly Mum is looked after, who is quite sick at the moment
  • He LOVES Liverpool FC and his dream is to go back to his motherland in England and watch them play
  • He would love to go see the soccer world cup
  • He would buy a new car for him and his wife, plus a new car for his son
  • He wants to take his wife on a long cruise