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Facebook In Trouble, Again

How you can stop the tracking

This morning, The Big Breakfast briefly talked about the latest drama to hit Facebook, surrounding the revelation that they can (and have been) tracking the calls and texts that many of its users make.

Reportedly, since 2015.

The break from the show above goes into finer details, but apparently, the 'good' news is that Facebook haven't been tracking the actual content of the calls and texts. Well, that's what they're saying.

We did a little bit of digging and it turns out you can both unsync your contacts and delete the data they have already acquired.

To Unsync Your Contacts

Inside the Messenger app, users can navigate to the home icon and then tap on their profile picture in the upper left corner. Inside the “people” option, users can switch off the option that says “sync contacts.” Facebook says that when the sync contacts option is turned off, previous contact information that was synced to the messaging platform is also deleted.

To Delete The Data Collected

Users can also navigate to the contact page to see a list of the people added to Messenger as a result of that sync. From this page, users can also choose to delete all the contacts previously synced as well. Users that want to see just what data Facebook has on them can download a copy inside the General Account Settings.


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Written by: @dantheinternut