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Dennis Cometti Breaks Down The Gaff Incident From Derby 48

"Not a good day for footy"

Of course, like seemingly all of Perth, we're all trying to process exactly what happened on the field yesterday during Western Derby 48.

Andrew Gaff is likely to miss a lot of weeks due to an off-the-ball hit on Docker Andrew Brayshaw.

The Big Breakfast called on the doyen of AFL commentary, Dennis Cometti, to give his two cents on the shocking incident.

 Of course, as mentioned, seemingly the whole of Perth are talking about the incident, more so than the game, so Clairsy, Matt and Kymba also put a call in to Triple M Footy's Lachy Reid to discuss the incident as well.


We also put the call out to the people of #Perth, and the callers did not hold back!


We all wait with bated breath as to what goes down this week.


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Written by: @dantheinternut