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Coral Coastin 2018: Day 2


Day 2: Exmouth

We opened another beautiful day in paradise at Froth Brewery... probably a bit too early for a beer but you never know.


See... we told you...

After that, we were traight back to Mantarays for a quick costume change, then off with Dave from Ningaloo Safari Tours... and it had everything. History, views, snorkelling, whale watching, delicious lunch, and even a boat trip.

All the highlights via the video above.

Of course, any successful day trip usually ends with all the kids asleep in the back.


Another day in paradise ended in style with dinner at beautiful Whalers Restaurant... a fave with the locals, and that's always a good sign.




Froth Craft Brewery
Ningaloo Safari Tours
Whalers Restaurant
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Written by: @dantheinternut