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JUST IN: Roo Announces He's Accepted A Coaching Job

Roo - "I was a bit nervous"

JUST IN: Roo Announces He's Accepted A Coaching Job


Roo announced this morning that he's taken a lucrative coaching job at a local Adelaide club. 

Ditts asked Roo about his debut.

Roo: "I have debuted, and I tell you what, I was a bit nervous. I was out at Glenunga Football Club on Tuesday night."

"My own first ever time of being the number one head coach!"

And who is Roo coaching?

"The Glenunga girls. We had about 20 or 30 girls out there"

Ditts asked, "and little Sophie Ricciuto, she’s out there?

Roo: "She was one."

"Well she’ll get a game then. She’ll be first pick!" said Ditts.

Roo reckons, "she was the only name I knew, so she was pretty popular there on the night!"

Could these girls be the future faces of the AFLW?

"The girls were very attentive, very keen.

And that’s what’s sort of been the big surprising thing for me, whether it’s the AFL women’s, who crack in and show how keen they are, even the girls are the same.

This girl was about 8, decked out in Crows gear full on and the mum just said, I don’t know how she’s got involved in footy. She just absolutely loves it."

- Brad Saegenschnitter