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Polish Guy's Next Level Attempt To Meet Ellen

10 points for trying.

Polish Guy's Next Level Attempt To Meet Ellen

Lucas Jacobiak is a Polish motivational speaker who is right into the power of visualisation.

So much so that he’s to nek level lengths in a bid to get on Ellen’s show.

No words, just watch this.


As you will see, Lucas has created a replica version of the Ellen set, to scale. He also hired an Ellen lookalike to help film a fictional prologue, and then a 20 minute interview, complete with canned laughter, a few skits and, of course, a bit of dancing.

Told you it was nek level.

Lucas’ goal is to get on the real Ellen show, and there’s no word yet as to whether he will get there… but 10 points for trying mate!

Kind of reminds us of this Seinfeld moment, when Kramer played the part of American TV host Merv Griffin.


Written by: @dantheinternut