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"Facebook Deleted The Last 10 Years Of My Life"

Without warning... gone!

"Facebook Deleted The Last 10 Years Of My Life"

Let this be a warning to you and all of the memories you’ve ever uploaded to Facebook, your ability to access them is a ticking time-bomb being carefully watched by a robot with a temper.

How did it all go wrong?

Admittedly it’s probably my fault, said a little tongue in cheek for a few reasons..

  1. Facebook deems you guilty until proven innocent
  2. I may have become a little over-zealous in my participation of the endless stream of comments flooding the live feeds of those live streaming the Green-Mundine fight on Friday night
  3. Cheap shots aside, Mundine won that fight, but that’s a different story

I have a little gaming podcast called “Game On Australia”, and like any self-respecting ‘podtrepenuer’ if you see an opportunity to grab a few extra listeners and likes along the way you take it, so as soon as I saw 150 thousand people watching a live stream of the fight with an ever updating comments section, ‘ctrl-v’ became my new best friend

Who reads that stuff anyway?

Facebook has tonnes of web space dedicated to things you shouldn’t do because you’ll piss its robots off, one of those is the rule I think I may have bent, broken, or in this case absolutely mutilated.

But when’s the last time you’ve looked at the community standards of the contract you hold when you sign your life and all of your memories over to facebook?

The biggest issue isn’t that it’s gone (my account says ‘temporarily disabled’ so I’m holding out in hope that I will get it back) it’s actually that there’s no reason (or f@&ks) given, and no way to appeal to someone straight away!

As you can see in the bottom box there I’ve made my feelings very clear that I’m not happy with the outcome, but guess what?

Facebook couldn’t care less..

How do I get everything back?

  • Short answer: Good luck, grab a tea and a biscuit, and settle in..
  • Long answer: It’s been 3 days and after appealing as many times as I spammed that live fight feed and setting a new record for most tweets twittered to a twitterer (@facebook), I still haven’t heard anything back.

I’ve pored over endless forums on the subject, the best I can find is “don’t call us (literally, because they don’t have a phone number), we’ll contact you when we’re good and ready!”

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, why don’t you download the latest episode of the Game On Australia podcast?

I’ve lost 10 years of memories, pictures, stupid rants and inspired raves, not to mention the endless amounts of facebook groups I’ve joined and like-minded gamers I’ve met.. and how the hell do they expect me to sell my transformers collectibles if I can’t access Transformers Collectors Club Australia buy, swap, and sell OR get someone to paint my fence in exchange for 2 cartons of coronas using the Perth beer economy?!

That last one was a joke… Nobody drinks Corona anymore..

I guess there is one positive to come out of all of this, I haven’t walked into a pole on the footpath since Saturday, and I had the first decent conversation with my dad at the dinner table in 10 years. Gee he’s aged.. *sorry pa*

It’s also been kind of nice getting to know my daughter #Mila, whose name is actually just Mila! Wow!


Written by: @petecurulli

*until Pete’s Facebook gets restored you can find him on Twitter as @petecurulli, Instagram as @petemix945 and his #dadblog @daddy_dressed_me, also on Instagram.