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Coral Coastin' - Jurien Bay And Cervantes

Fun On The Water!

Coral Coastin' - Jurien Bay And Cervantes

Lisa and Pete are having the time of their life on #AustraliasCoralCoast.

We're keeping a diary of just how much fun they're having. We live in an awesome state!!!

Turquoise Safari

Kane from Turquoise Safaris took us out for what you should be doing in a place like Jurien Bay... looking for Octopus, Crays, Underwater Pinnacles and hoping for a chance encounter with Sea Lions.


Of course... an experience like this has to start with a good old bakery breakfast, and why not when the bakery is Dongara Bakery...



It all ended at The Lobster Shack in Cervantes. The most delicious crayfish and fantastically hospitable people :)







Written by: @dantheinternut


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