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Coral Coastin' - Abrolhos Islands

All the action straight out of Geraldton

Coral Coastin' - Abrolhos Islands

Lisa and Pete are having the time of their life on #AustraliasCoralCoast.


We're keeping a diary of just how much fun they're having. We live in an awesome state!!!

The Flight Of The Abrolhos

Lisa and Pete got a flight over THAT Pink Lake near Kalbarri, plus a flight to East Wallabi Island in the Abrolhos, all thanks to Shine Aviation.



Day 4

We met with Dylan and Will from Shine Aviation at Kalbarri Airport, who promptly whisked us up into the sky for the ultimate farewell to beautiful Kalbarri.



Absolutely breathtaking.



After a few runs over that Pink Lake near Kalbarri, we flew to the Abrolhos Islands, taking in the sheer beauty of this beautiful region.

We landed on East Wallabi Island, and no jokes, had the entire island to ourselves.

Pete was so excited he needed to have a wee, and check out this toilet with the view... YASSSS!!!!


You little beauty!

We also managed to see a wallaby, which was a bonus.


And, just check out the jet trail from a passing plane. All the better against that beautiful Coral Coast blue sky.


It all ended with a beautiful flight over to Geraldton, where the lovely people at Shine Aviation came out to get their own photo of Lisa and Pete. Why not!


Now we're in Geraldton, checked in to the awesome Broadwater Mariner Resort and broadcasting from the bar. Double YASSSSS!!!!