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OK Salmon, You've Won This Time

Blown Away In Augusta

OK Salmon, You've Won This Time

It was going to be my greatest fishing expedition ever, 2 days of man against beast and many tall stories to be told.

Alas, the salmon have escaped my stealth and are still swimming around today, hopefully not for long.

The wind forecast was up a bit which we were ready for however this past weekend we were literally blown away.

You know I like the heat, and it was, I don't mind the rain, I'll even put up with march flies the size of British spitfires but the one thing I can't hand is wind.

I loathe wind, with an unbridled passion and on the weekend we were defeated.

When we checked the weather details in Augusta as we planned to head east the registration was 55km/h and later Cape Leeuwin was belted by a gust of 83km/h, how are we supposed to even stand on a beach in that, let alone try and get a line out?

No, I am defeated, but not for long, we'll give it another shot soon.

I guess in a way it's like plenty of other things, not so much about the end result or the destination, it's about the journey and what happens along the way.

The river was glorious as usual and a weekend away with mates is always a good pick me up.

I just really, really want to catch one of those elusive little (or big) buggers!

You've won this round, but I'm coming for you.