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We Speak With Three People Caught Up In The Vegas Shooting Tragedy

Heartbreaking accounts from the scene

We Speak With Three People Caught Up In The Vegas Shooting Tragedy

This morning, Clairsy, Matt and Kymba spoke with a range of people caught up in the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting.

The first was Nathan Clairidge, an Aussie who is currently living and working in Vegas.


Nathan gave an eyewitness account of the confusion that ensued after the initial bout of gunfire.

Nathan also spoke about the video he took of the event as it unfolded.

WARNING: Distressing Footage and Strong Language



Secondly, the team spoke with Ray Brewer, the Assistant Editor of Las Vegas' The Sun Newspaper, who gave an insight into how the Las Vegas community have banded together in the wake of this tragedy. It's compelling listening.


Finally, A Perth Mum, Sandra Holloway, gives her own scary account of how news filtered through the MGM Grand, the nearby hotel at which her family was staying.


Sandra's mention of her kids and the potential impact this will have on them is heartbreaking.

"We're trying to cover our kids ears and hug them so they can't hear it all, but they heard everything..."


Our thoughts are with all the innocent victims, their families and friends during this awful time.


Written by: @dantheinternut