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We Help Magnus The Terminally Ill Dog Tick Off Another Bucket List Item

What a beautiful story!

This morning, we were very lucky to have Magnus, the newest Perthonality, in the studio to help him tick off another item on his bucket list.

If you’ve missed the news, Magnus is a greyhound who’s been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. His owners, Jason and Kristen, has taken it upon himself to write a bucket list and help Magnus tick off as many items as possible before the cancer claims him.

So far, Magnus has ridden in a Police car AND a Police boat, had a gourmet meal cooked for him and all sorts of other stuff.

It’s all inspired by the story of Walnut the Whippet.


One of the items was for Magnus to meet a Veteran, and today, we made that happen.

Rob Cashman is a returned soldier from Afghanistan where I served as part of the first unit deployed in 2001/2002. He’s also a sitting Board member for RSLWA, representing Veterans.

RSLWA are involved in a program where rescue dogs are selected and trained with prisoners in the penal system to work as companion dogs. Other similar programs can have a cost of around $25K per dog to be trained, however using this system a dog can be trained for approximately $7500.

Rob explains it all in the video above.

The full interview is below and it’s well worth the price of admission. It’s the beautiful story of a couple who truly love their dog.

Most of us could probably relate to that.

Written by: @dantheinternut